Participation Trophies Are A Waste

My son has been on great teams and not so great teams, but his trophies don’t reflect that. He’s been on gritty, undefeated teams in leagues that refused to recognize 1st, 2nd or 3rd place. And he’s gotten championship trophies for teams with elitist coaches where he had to sit frustrated on the bench for much of the season.

My vlog Koobecafon (devoted to the real, raw and uncomfortable realities we don’t usually share in social media) is focused on wondering why I’m having trouble motivating to go to today’s game. Does it have anything to do with 11 years of my kids enduring a confusing mix of lessons from inspiring coaches as well as hypocritical coaches? Is that the reason we haven’t displayed my kids’ trophies on shelves as planned?  Or are we  just too damn busy going to games…


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