Are You An OverAchiever Mom or A Slacker Mom? Take the Survey!

Moms are continually comparing themselves to other mothers — whether it comes to how we look, how our kids behave, what we do during the day, and everything else. Like it or not, these are the ways we evaluate ourselves!

Let’s find out how you really measure up with this simple 12-question survey. Pick one answer per question that best describes you, and be honest! Then find out if you’re an OverAchiever Mom or a Slacker Mom.

1) How much quality and quantity time do you spend with your kids?

A) I’m interacting with them all the time except when they are in school

B) A decent amount but I’m busy working and can’t be there as often as I’d like

C) I make enough time for kids while trying take care of my home and myself

D) I buy them food and put a roof over their head. What more do they need?

2) How often do you make and eat meals together as a family at home?

A) Nearly every day I prepare and serve a home-cooked meal

B) As often as I can but not as much as I’d like because I’m busy working

C) I make sure my kids are fed whether at home or out, fast food or homemade

D) I’m tired of food complaints and tell them to make their own stinking meals

3) How well-adjusted, well-behaved and successful are your kids?

A) They are smart, talented and happily do nearly everything they’re told to do

B) They are doing pretty well but my work keeps me from helping them do better

C) They have their ups and downs; I’m there to help them get through difficulties

D) It’s their own damn fault they get in trouble with me, the school or the law

4) How do you feel about your own health and fitness?

A) I am in great shape and conquer most days with plenty of energy

B) I’d like to lose some weight but it’s hard to exercise because I’m busy working

C) I generally try to eat healthy and move around every day

D) I’m happiest with a package of Oreos and the TV all to myself for a night

5) How do you feel about your own appearance?

A) I’m a MILF and go out looking like I just came from a photo shoot

B) I look put together enough for work but sometimes feel like a wreck at home

C) I have the time and money to shop for new clothes and get my hair done

D) Comfort trumps fashion. What’s wrong with sweat pants and no make up?

6) How do you deal with a crisis?

A) I remain calm and think through my options before coming up with a solution

B) At work I handle it professionally; at home I’m prone to occasional meltdowns

C) I may lose it at first and recover later because I’m dealing with other stress

D) Every day some stupid crisis sends me over the edge, and it’s never my fault

7) How do you feel about your career or job or volunteer work or hobbies?

A) Nearly everything I do centers around my children and brings me great joy

B) I work because I need the money or have a strong desire to maintain a career

C) I take on different projects for money or for fun or out of obligation

D) I’m waiting to win the lottery, so I can quit working and hire a nanny and maid

8) How do you feel about your finances?

A) I pay bills on time and have plenty of savings, investments and college funds

B) I’m working to make ends meet but too busy to learn how to grow my money

C) I have enough money for me and my kids; someone else may handle details

D) If raising kids didn’t cost so much, I wouldn’t have to get public assistance

9) How do you feel about a romantic relationship in your life?

A) I’m in a happy, healthy marriage full of love, great sex and mutual respect

B) We try to make time for each other, but it’s hard because I’m tired from work

C) I’m not in a relationship, or my relationship is not in a good place right now

D) Men are scum, and I don’t want any man around my children

10) How do you feel about your home?

A) It’s immaculate, shiny, tidy, beautifully decorated and a source of pride

B) I’m too busy working to spend much time cleaning and organizing the clutter

C) It’s not perfect, but I keep it in good shape for us and especially for company

D) No one else helps me clean up, so why should I bother?

11) How do you feel about your social life?

A) I regularly hang out with girlfriends and almost never miss a special occasion

B) I go out with co-workers occasionally but get too busy to see my girlfriends

C) I have time and money to host parties, enjoy girls’ night out and date nights

D) I’m in a feud with my friends for spreading gossip about me that wasn’t true

12) How happy are you with your life?

A) I have nearly everything I’ve ever dreamed of

B) I often feel guilty for time spent away from kids while I’m working or vice versa

C) Things are good, but I often wonder if they could be better

D) Life is hard, and I can’t ever get a break

Now add up your points — 5 points for every (A), 4 points for every (B), 3 points for every (C) and 0 points for every (D).

Here is the meaning of your score:

49-60 points: Welcome to the club! You are an OverAchiever Mom, and you probably know it (though you may not admit it)! You get plenty of daily self satisfaction. Keep up the pride in what you do. We want you to be part of our television show for and about OverAchieving Moms.

37-48 points: Congratulations! You are an OverAchiever Mom, but you don’t know it. You should accept more praise for the amazing job you are doing raising kids and working. You should stop feeling guilty that you are not doing enough. The definition of overachieving is “performing better or achieving more success than expected.” Are all mothers “expected” to work? Of course not! If you are raising kids and working, then you are achieving more success than expected and our television show about OverAchieving Moms is for YOU — the mom who is doing it right enough of the time but shaming herself for getting it wrong some of the time. We want you to embrace the fact that you really are an OverAchiever Mom and join with other mothers in our OverAchiever Mom community to get support, encouragement and tips.

27-36 points: Laid back mama! You are a generally content mother who has found a way to manage your time successfully and enjoy your time with your kids and away from them.

0-26 points: Whoops! You are a Slacker Mom and may need some help. (Or you’ve got a Scary Mommy sense of humor!) Consider reaching out to family, friends or counselors to deal with the stress of children.

Now tell us how you scored and how you think you fit into the categories above!

As creator of this survey, I scored a 44 myself — and other moms have been telling me for years: “I don’t know how you do it all!” So I guess I need to work on my own mommy guilt too!

Check out the “OverAchiever Mom” TV Show — and become part of it

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