How New Moms Cope with Full-Time Work and Leaving Baby Behind

Going back to work after giving birth can be like walking through a minefield of worries: What child care should I use? Can I pump enough milk? How will I concentrate on my job with very little sleep? When will I have time to clean my house, buy groceries, run errands, work out, connect with my husband and bond with my baby? 

Many moms struggle with these stressors, but some discover solutions to overcome these concerns, like the three moms who share the secrets that got them through the agony after childbirth.

Some moms take years away from their careers after having a baby, and others are back at work within a few weeks. I had the luxury of staying home six months with both of my babies. As a freelance journalist with a full-time working husband, it was a choice we made to live on less and put my career on hold until I was ready for someone else to watch my baby. At that point, I decided to work just two days a week.

But other moms dive head first back into their full-time career, and some find it very difficult to juggle work and motherhood — especially those perfectionist moms, who have to figure out how to cope after coming face to face with a new normal.

I’ve collected tips from several moms who agreed to a video interview about their experiences with juggling career and kids; they explain what they did before going back to work that helped prepare them in advance for the tough times.

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— Diane Moca


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