Tips for a Working Mom Overwhelmed by demands on her time

If you’re a working mom feeling overwhelmed by all the demands on your time, you’re not the only one. Your frustration is common, but the way to cope with it is usually not a one-size-fits-all answer. Overcoming the overwhelmed mom syndrome often involves a unique solution that works for your particular situation, whether you are working full-time or part-time, going to an office or being an entrepreneur from home, raising one kid or four kids, single or married, etc.

That’s why it helps to talk to a lot of overwhelmed working moms from different backgrounds to learn what has worked for them, as I have done in this video.

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You may not be able to interview dozens of mothers about why they feel overwhelmed and how to stop it, but I have! And I’ve taken those questions and answers and condensed them into this video featuring more than 10 different working moms who reveal their own nightmare stories and how they get over being overwhelmed. From relying on family and friends to taking a day off to recharge to changing careers, each working mom has her own approach to making sure their endless to-do list doesn’t suck the joy out of life.

As I explain in the video, I became too totally overwhelmed by work and family when I started a side business in addition to my part-time job and all the other things I was doing. The extra obligation led to a potentially dangerous wake-up call that convinced me to start prioritizing the important stuff and drop some things that were less important.

My new priority is to help other working moms through this YouTube channel, where I share the inside secrets of dozens of working moms from a variety of backgrounds. Each video reveals a candid look at the wisdom and flaws of different working moms — to help you learn, grow and be inspired to face another day of frenzy and fulfillment.

If you have questions or topics to suggest for my next round of interviews, share them in the comments along with a description of why you are overwhelmed or other tips for staying sane while juggling career and kids.

— Diane Moca


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