Do you feel working mom guilt?

Have you ever felt mom guilt about working? If so, you’re not alone! So many moms feel guilty when they’re away from their kids at their job, and then feel shame for leaving work to pick up their children. Though plenty of us wrestle with that working mom guilt trip, some learn to stop the internal judgment — or avoid it altogether.

This video introduces you to more than 10 different working moms who reveal their own working mom guilt and how to get over it. From explaining to their kids how important their job is to overcoming guilt after the children get older, each working mom has her own approach to making sure they don’t let guilt stop them from fully enjoying their children or their careers.

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Each Question of the Week video in the Working Moms’ Wisdom YouTube playlist reveals a candid look at the hacks and flaws of different working moms — to help you learn, grow and be inspired to face another day of frenzy and fulfillment. Each mother’s experience with mommy guilt and other challenges of motherhood has common pitfalls many of us face but don’t always admit, and that’s why I’m on a mission to convince working moms to share those secrets in my videos.

I can relate to #MomGuilt although my teens don’t even want to hang out with me anymore. I didn’t feel that guilt when I had a baby and worked part-time. But several years later, when I had to work more to help pay our growing bills, I was wracked with guilt anytime I had to ignore the kids or the house to get work done — even though I worked from home. I hope sharing my story and the perspective of other moms helps you cope with your own mommy guilt.


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