We’re Drowning In The Highlights Of Others

I’m starting a Vlog (video blog) called Koobecafon. It’s a result of the frustration I  sometimes feel when I go on Facebook and see all the great vacations, accomplishments and bonding my friends and family are doing. Why isn’t my life that wonderful? I mean, I’m happy for the people I know, and I appreciate all the great things I have — my talented kids, my patient husband, my safe community, my own health — but many times my family drives me nuts, my neighbors seem distant, my clothes don’t fit like they used to. I don’t seem to have all those great times everyone else on Facebook does. I have come to realize that Facebook is nothing more than the highlight reel of someone’s life, but why can’t we ever talk about our imperfections?

I want to create a place where it’s okay to share the real, raw and uncomfortable realities of daily life — to help all of us feel we have as much company in our failures as we do in our successes. For a working mother like me, our anxiety often centers around the fact that we just can’t get everything done that we want, and we feel like we are letting ourselves and our families down when our kids, our house, and our socializing don’t measure up to the others whose lives appear so full and together on Facebook.

I’m not trying to focus on the negative. I’m an optimist. But I’m tired of mothers believing their life is not successful because of unrealistic comparisons based on online illusions.

Koobecafon (pronounced KOO like kook, BE like bah humbug, CAF like caffeine, ON like on-target) is a revolt against this Facebook phenomenon.

Instead of sharing on social media how proud I am that I cleaned the garage this weekend or creating a post with tips to help you do the same, I’m sharing the dark side of that achievement in my first vlog entry. Is it just me going through this? Tell me if you can relate!




2 thoughts on “We’re Drowning In The Highlights Of Others

  1. This is awesome. My house is much the same. I have recently returned to college, and I am doing well to just keep the family in groceries (2 teens) and clean clothes.

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