The never ending journey to reach goals

When I was very young, my goal was to be the smartest one.

When I was a teen, my goal was to be attractive and be seen.

When I was in college, my goal was that diploma as well as the knowledge.

When I graduated and pumped my fist, my goal was to be a professional journalist.

When I moved to LA, my goal was to socialize and party all night and all day.

After writing for papers across the nation, my goal was to be a reporter at a TV station.

After 3 relationships that didn’t suit my mind, I wanted a guy who was patient and kind.

After realizing I had found my soul mate, I wanted motherhood to be my fate.

When my two kids were finally here, my goal was to work part-time and keep my career.

When I wanted money for my kids’ passion, my goal was a side hustle that could cash in.

When I couldn’t do it all by myself, my goal was to hire a great manager to help.

When my home was full of clutter and waste, my goal was a house with more space.

When rising debt made finances a mess, my goal was more work to eliminate that stress.

When kids, spouse and career were more than I could take, my goal was a break.

After accepting help was no longer a rarity, my goal became calm, confidence & clarity.

Now my kids have flown the nest, and my goal is their success and happiness.

As I began to focus on a new dream, I made new goals for how my life will seem.

Helping other moms is my mission; my new goal is a childcare app with a unique vision.

I’ve achieved my previous goals, yet I still want more. Isn’t that what life is for?



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