This one simple trick insures you get dinner on the table even when you’re at work late

We’ve all been there. Rushing home from work after a meeting that ran late, picking up your kid from practice when they are the last one left waiting outside, and then realizing you have no idea what you’re going to make for dinner because you haven’t been grocery shopping in more than a week. As your stomach growls and your kid whines, you relent yet again and hit the drive-through for dinner just one more time this week.

This frantic pace used to be Jamie Revelle’s life until she made a huge change. This mom of two kids (ages 3 and 6) lives in a small Midwest town with no family nearby to lean on when things get hectic, so she’s learned to run her home like her business.

“There are systems in the home, so our house is very systematic in how it runs. So if there’s a breakdown, and I’m not getting home, dinner still gets on the table,” Revelle explains.

It may sound like magic, but just like a magician, it’s all about the planning and the hours put in ahead of time. So even when Jamie is not there, someone else can step in to take over her easy-to-follow instructions.

“I am a freezer-meal-a-holic now. I love it. I take two hours at the beginning of every month, and I plan to sit down and plan out our grocery list and plan what we’re going to make. And then I drive an hour to Sam’s Club, because we live out in the middle of nowhere. And I get everything. We budget, and we spend a ton of money. But then that’s the grocery trip for the month,” Revelle says. “So it’s stopping! A lot of women won’t just stop. But it’s stopping the hecticness to sit and plan. So I do a lot of planning time.”

The sales director for Mary Kay cosmetics says her obsession with planning even works for self-care. 

“Every month I schedule in playtime first, so things that are going to bring me joy that I look forward to, I schedule one thing a week. And then I plan my family and God time. And then I plan my work around all of that. And that creates energy for me,” Revelle says. “So I have stuff to look forward to. My nail appointments are scheduled for the next six months, so I schedule my life around my nail appointments, because that’s like my time. And it’s silly, but it’s not. I find women have a hard time doing that. And I’m a better mom when I have those moments to myself. And I think it’s teaching my kids too — take care of yourself, so then you can take care of others.”
Revelle spent years honing her work life balance and has even more hacks to share. To learn about Jamie’s other tips, check out the video featuring her Top 10 from the Working Mom Warrior YouTube channel.

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