Moms, Dump The Stress! Here’s how…

Gwen Stachnik says she has learned how to become a calmer working mom after the non-stop demands of raising children and maintaining a career began to wear her down. Gwen was determined to earn her nursing degree even after having children. She is currently a home nursing clinical manager and mother of a baby girl and 6-year-old boy. Gwen told Diane Moca of Working Mom Warrior she found her work life balance after a particularly stressing time of planning a kids’s birthday party.
“When (my son) was first born I used to try to go all out with his birthdays, like a total Pinterest party,” Gwen explained. “And I spent days and days and days doing decorations and all this stuff. And you realize at the end of it — it’s like I spent so much time, and I got so aggravated with the struggle of getting it all together, and people wouldn’t have cared if I didn’t have the fancy stuff over here, if it wasn’t just right. The kids just had fun anyway. You have to just realize that it’s not so critical that all that stuff be just right. You have to kind of just roll with it, and what you can do, you can do; and what you can’t, you can’t.”
Gwen realizes it’s not worth the stress to try to recreate suggestions she sees on social media if it will cause her stress, because that can have far-reaching impacts.
“It affects everything, like your relationship with your spouse, if you’re over stressed and everything has to be just right,” Gwen said. “If everything’s calmer I think everything flows smoother. So I try to let things go as much as I can now. I don’t always, but it’s something I’m working on. I find it helps.”
Thanks to Gwen for sharing her perspective with Working Mom Warrior. If you want more tips to be a calmer working mom, subscribe to my YouTube channel at or follow my blog at

2 thoughts on “Moms, Dump The Stress! Here’s how…

  1. Free will of choice
    You blame juul yet admit you have no control over your children giving in over 5 times…..blame yourself and your son


    1. I didn’t give in five times. I’m sorry you don’t know how to comprehend what you read. My son ordered vapes online six times using the computer he has for school without my knowledge and had them shipped to our home address. Every single time, I opened the package and confiscated the vape. I did not give the vape to my son. He didn’t have his own vape. He used vapes when he went out with friends who had them. It was his own free will. I tried to influence him by prohibiting it in our house and not allowing him to own one and telling him of the dangers. But no parent can control a teenager 24/7 unless you chain them in the basement, and that would be child abuse. I have to teach my kids and then trust them to make good decisions. It is hard for teens to make good decisions when companies are spending millions to manipulate them with false advertising (i.e. showing teens using vaping as a healthy and safe activity when it’s not).


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