Find good help: How working moms lean on others to get things done

One of the best ways to tackle a growing to do list is to delegate. Many working women are very successful at this critical skill at work but fall short at home with their children and spouse.

Working moms often feel like they have to do it all until we get to the point when we realize the stress and exhaustion is hurting ourselves as well as those we love. That’s when we overcome the reluctance to reach out for help and find some welcome assistance from family, friends, neighbors, nannies, daycare or a spouse. But that’s not always an easy task if we live far from our parents, are nervous about trusting others with our children, or have to admit we chose the wrong child care provider. A dozen working moms describe how they deal with these and other scenarios in my latest Working Mom Warrior video.

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Whether I need a break to go to work, to get away from stress, or to take time for myself, reaching out to find someone who can help me is one of the ways I manage career and kids. Working moms can’t do it all by themselves and need to learn how to find good help. The challenges can be especially tough for single moms or those without a support system. The importance of delegating duties to someone we trust can influence where we buy a house or who will live in our home.

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If you have questions or topics to suggest for my next round of interviews, share them in the comments along with insight about how you found the key people in your life who have helped you raise your children.

— Diane Moca


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