Top 10 Real Reasons Moms Work

I’ve spent years living through the challenges of being a working mother and the past several months researching how others tackle those hurdles while putting together a television show profiling the success and failures of the overachieving working moms who seem to have it all.

I’m adding a segment to the pilot episode revealing the “True Reasons Moms Work.”

Forget money, prestige and fulfillment.

I’m looking for those “secret motivations” that convince mothers to leave behind their bundles of joy and tackle office politics instead.

I’ve come up with a few suggestions to get the list started.

10.) You can wear clothes that stay free of spit-up all day.

9.) You can eat lunch uninterrupted.

8.) You can listen to whatever you want in the car during the entire commute, including silence.

7.) You have a ready-made answer for: Why didn’t you do my laundry today?

6.) You don’t have to coax your co-workers into doing something by offering candy, TV time or a trip to the zoo.

5.) You have a boss who can respond to questions from others instead of being expected to know all answers and be able to solve all problems on your own.

4.) You have a reason to put on make-up and style your hair.

3.) You can find enjoyment in the little things in life, like superficial adult conversation.

2.) You can spend hours at a time without hearing the word “mom” yelled from across the room once.

1.) You have to take a shower.

What are the “unspoken joys” that get you to commute to a job instead of commit to a playdate?

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